Mountain Fit: Buckwheat + Flaxseed Roti

After many years of not really treating it as such, I have finally decided that my body is perhaps a temple after all. For too long I have relied on exercise to counteract the less glorious calories I've put into the system, and now I think it's time for a permanent change of thinking.

Buckwheat Roti

I've got many mountains planned for the year ahead starting with the Moroccan High Atlas in June, and I want to go in fitter and lighter than ever before. I plan to trek ultralight with my pack, and I don't want to lose that advantage by carrying more of my own weight than I need. 

So it's out with the two sugars in my tea. Out with chocolate Monday to Friday. Out with processed foods. Out with most of the bread I have enjoyed for so long. 

Instead, I'm experimenting with alternate forms of bread such as these Buckwheat and Flaxseed roti; each coming in at approximately 110 calories and very little else. I made mine to accompany homemade fish curry (in a korma/coconut soya sauce) and sauteed Pak Choi. All you need is as follows:

1 cup of Buckwheat flour

1 tbsp ground flaxseed

1/2 cup coconut soya milk

1 tbsp butter

Grind of Maldon Sea Salt + Pepper to season. 

After mixing the flour and flax together add the butter and mix to a crumb, and then slowly add the soya milk to bring the dough together. The dough should make a smooth ball, but don't worry, it is crumblier than Roti with flour. Let it rest for 30 minutes before cutting into 4 pieces, and roll each to a few mill thick. Then simply heat a heavy frying pan (dry) over a medium-high heat and add each Roti one at a time. Keep flipping until it's the level of 'done' that you prefer. The dough will aerate as you go and can be transferred to the oven to keep warm. 

These are so quick to make that I think I will turn to them a lot as bread-substitutes for other favourite dishes, such as sunday scrambled eggs or lunch salads.

I often raise my eyebrows at those websites that advise you to substitute chocolate with a nice crisp apple - the two really aren't the same - but I must say these flatbreads are genuinely a great substitute for bread-flour based things. They do the job really well!