Nature Statements

Some of you may remember that a year or so back I made a series of in the round paintings, which all sold out and were never repeated. Well, a few weeks ago I found myself missing those lil ol' paintings and decided to pick up where I left off. 

In the intervening period my work has moved progressively towards being fully mixed media, so this time I decided to paint with the intention of combining them with my own travel photos. As I started to gather my ideas together, it seemed to me that I was painting with very specific thoughts on my mind; musing on the ecological state of Scotland and the low-lying islands of the British Isles (I had just returned from a tour of Scotland in the van). I started thinking (again) about what the Highlands would look like fully forested. I often ponder issues like rewilding, and the possibility of reintroducing lynx back in to the landscape. I keep meaning to visit the pan-european rewilding project area in Romania, but never seem to have the right amount of time to give it justice. 

Anyhow, I digress. The resultant pieces of new work inadvertently started to carry ecological and ontological messages - two of my philosophical bedtime preoccupations ;) - and as I've posted these on Instagram (with titles and partial descriptions), I've been interested to hear input from the community: how they possess a mesmerizing quality, something compelling and absorbing. Restful. Almost 'hiraeth' in quality.  This sort of feedback makes my heart sing. 

I've also realised over the last few weeks that the sales I make have started to fall second in priority to the chance for connection that's possible when I publish new work.  This shift has been creeping up on me for a while; manifest in the fact that I am producing less work for sale at the moment. Because I draw my income from a variety of sources it gives my creative output space to breathe for itself without the pressure of needing to bear any particular fruit, and this (i'm sure) will be good for my creative development in the long run, and allows me to continue producing art that always has been a direct channel of all those strange, esoteric or existential thoughts I mull over at night before nodding off.