Thursday 14th January 2016

Every Single Day. There's a lot to love about the small wonders of the every day. The ever present availability of warmth, food and freedom. The roaming hens and sleeping cats. The pleasure of seeing your loved ones over and again. The same in and out breath. 

Here's a little wallpaper for you to download and put on your phone as a daily reminder :)

Every Single Day.

You can download it here

Thursday 29th October 2015

I've resumed pottery classes on Tuesdays, and I'm currently pre-occupied with earthenware red clay. In a bid to go to class with some idea of what I want to do before I get there, I thought I would do a bit of sketching to try out colours that I'd like to aim for. I had this neat idea that I could replicate some of my 'opacities' in 3D when the time comes, getting close to the same colour palette I use for illustration.  

stack of ceramic pots by Blue Eggs and Tea (2015)

Thursday 1st October 2015

The Night Shift (2015)
Florist, Tallinn, Estonia

Sometimes the brain fires in strange and unexpected ways. A couple of years ago I traveled to Estonia on a solo-adventure for a week in the spring to watch the bird migration. I landed at night and when I arrived in Tallinn the streets were already dark, save for a few shops. This florist caught my eye and seems to have stayed with me over time. 

The photo doesn't show any human presence, which was the story I was interested in developing for myself. I took the opportunity to try different mixed media elements this time, working with pencils to create the flowers, as well as linen fabric for the apron.

For me there was something unsettling about this shop  - why was it open so late? the contrast of the bright flowers in the dark street - hopefully I have captured something of the surreal in the faraway dream-state of my florist girl.